Ghostwriting services

Our professional service is being booked more and more. That’s why we searched the Ghostwriter page for potentially new authors. However, if you are looking for a ghostwriter, you can send us a request via the request form or contact us by phone.

Generally, ghostwriters are always sought in all departments. In addition, we look forward to receiving applications from the following departments:

Business Administration, especially Finance

  • law
  • medicine
  • Economics
  • social sciences
  • psychology
  • engineering
  • nursing

Basically, we have authors of all disciplines in our author pool. Finally, we offer you an attractive earning opportunity with ghostwriting, where you can work flexibly, especially from home.

What you should bring as a ghostwriter

A university degree with at least the predicate is required. In addition, as a ghostwriter, you are accustomed to writing either scientifically or practically. First, you can send us your proof documentation including a written sample of a text from you. We may request further information from you.

Afterwards we examine your application documents and inform you about whether we consider your application. At the end of the application process you will receive a contract. After successful examination, we will include you in our author pool. In addition, we pay attention to what are your priorities. Therefore, you can tell us in which areas you want to write in general. Because this is how we ensure that the order will be right for you.

Basically, every author chooses the focus that includes his hobbyhorse. Because only then he is really firm in the field.