How to write the specialization

At the vocational school it is customary today to write a specialization paper. In the first or last year of apprenticeship the specialization has to be done. This independent work has to be done first. In addition, you document how you got to the findings in the work, what difficulties there were and what new things you learned to do so.

Topic of specialization

The topic may be something that interests you or what you are referring to. This can be from the personal life story or even from the teaching environment. Nutrition, sports or digitization topics are available.

How is the specialization work structured?

Since one deals with a topic theoretically deepened, the structure is almost equal to a scientific work:

  • title page
  • contents
  • introduction
  • Body with pictures, graphics and tables
  • conclusion
  • References
  • Agreement and work log

The difference to a purely scientific work is on the one hand in the simpler language. On the other hand, the work should also be designed, that is, images, graphics and tables are expressly desired.